Yolonda Kerney

Lois Roth Award, 2015

LOIS ROTH AWARD - Yolonda Kerney

As the Public Affairs Officer at the US Mission to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Kearney exhibited consummate skill in forging partnerships among alumni of the Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, reinvigorating programs, cultivating new audiences, and establishing a broad base of influential contacts. Her innovative and forward-leaning social inclusion programs promoted equality for women, the LGBT community, those with disabilities, at-risk youth, and other marginalized persons. Her STEM programs have resonated throughout the eastern Caribbean, and, in support of President Obama’s educational initiative for the Americas, she facilitated agreements between US and Caribbean universities and organized  college fairs.

Sherry Keneson-Hall

Lois Roth Award, 2014

In recognition of her work in the Czech Republic. Keneson-Hall’s approach connects an astounding range of people and venues: from Pilsen to Prague, from a police force to the Republic’s most famous artist, with visitors from Bill Murray to Wes Anderson, and from those seeking contact with America in person to those who live online. A long list of accomplishments conveys her exceptionally creative, bold, accessible and energetic approach to cultural and educational exchange.

Courtney Beale

Lois Roth Award, 2013

Courtney Beale (FSO Co-WInner 2013)In recognition of how, in the face of budget cuts and security threats in northeastern Mexico, Beale used grace, energy and ingenuity in nurturing an imaginative program that deepened U.S. ties to local communities and upheld a positive image of the consulate as a community participant.

Julia Fendrick

Lois Roth Award, 2013

In recognition of her work as the longest serving public diplomacy officer in Pakistan in over ten years. In particular, Fendrick showed courage and commitment in carrying out programs, in the utility of her proposals, and in her leadership of staff, originality and energy, decisiveness, and positive outlook and can‐do attitude.

Tobias Bradford

Lois Roth Award, 2012

In recognition of his work as a Public Affairs Officer  at the U.S. Embassy in Mozambique and, in particular, of his unusually innovative programming targeting youth, including a “student achievers program” that created local student networks engaging with topics such as entrepreneurship, civic participation and political party development.

Caryn Danz

Lois Roth Award, 2011

In recognition of her 26‐year cultural affairs career and of her work as the Branch Chief for Educational Information Resources at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Robert Greenan

Lois Roth Award, Honorable Mention, 2011

In recognition of his work as a Cultural Affairs Officer in Baghdad

Deborah Jones

Lois Roth Award, 2008

Awarded for her work in Uzbekistan, “maintaining educational cultural ties and staff morale in an openly hostile climate.”

Victoria Sloan

Lois Roth Award, Honorable Mention, 2008

In recognition of her work in Kazakhstan, with “significant contributions to educational and cultural diplomacy while leading and mentoring American and national colleagues.”

Jean Manes

Lois Roth Award, 2005

In recognition of her work in Montevideo. Manes also participated in a broadcast on the Lois Roth Award on the Voice of America Spanish.