Norway: Project Support to Supplement a Fulbright Award


Anna Offit NORWAY 2016 Headshot-min

Anna Offit, 2016 Awardee


The Roth Endowment provides project support for one American Fulbrighter working in Norway every year.

This year’s award went to Anna Offit of Princeton University for her fascinating ethnographic study of ambivalence about the role of lay decision-makers in the judicial system. Despite being a pioneer in safeguarding representative jury selection, Norway is now considering doing away with the jury system. Anna seeks to investigate this decision as well as examine the relationship between Norway’s cultural norms and intuitions about justice and its lawyers’ attitudes about juries. While Anna was already using her opportunity with Fulbright to conduct interviews with prosecutors and observe jury trials in Oslo, our award allowed her to expand her research and undertake comparative research on jury demographics in the city of Tromsø.

For a complete list of recipients of project support for work in Norway, please consult Norwegian Project Alumni.