Sozopol Fiction Seminar

Sozopol Fiction Seminar

The participants of the 2016 Sozopol Fiction Seminar

Partnering with the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation (EKF), the Roth Endowment helps support the annual Sozopol Fiction Seminar, held in historic Sozopol, a beautiful town on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. These seminars, organized each year by EKF, offer opportunities for intensive exchange between Bulgarian and English-language fiction writers, under the guidance of established authors in an atmosphere of close and collegial collaboration. Workshops and one-on-one consultations involving faculty and fellows are punctuated by talks and panels conducted by visiting speakers. Participation has become increasingly competitive, with thirty applicants competing for each of this year’s ten places.

The Bulgarian and American writing fellows selected to participate in last year’s Sozopol Fiction Seminar were: Ben Bush, Charlotte Crowe, Christina Nichol, Dimana Trankova, Inez Baranay, Joseph Horton, Martin Kostov, Svetlozar Stoyanov, Toshka Ivanova and Violeta Radkova. The group met to work under the guidance of authors Travis Holland and Kapka Kassabova in Sozopol from June  09 to 13, 2016. Guest speakers, authors Josh Weil and Elena Alexia, presented two distinctive lectures entitled “Into Your Fear: Writing What Scares You” and “The Man Who Made the Books.” Participants also had the opportunity to learn from two editorial panels, in which five leading US and Bulgarian editors described the editing process and the specific challenges and rewards that present themselves during the editing of translated works of fiction. 

For a complete list of past Sozopol Fiction Seminar fellows, please consult the List of Fellows.

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