Hélène Hinfray

Prix Coindreau, 2015

Helene HinfrayIn recognition of her masterful translation of Bill Bryson’s At Home: A Short History of Private Life (Une histoire du monde sans sortir de chez moi, éditions Payot-Rivages). Describing the volume, Marc Chénetier writes: “There is humor, immense erudition. There is delicacy, the abolition of expected distances: in time, in space, between an American and the English place he describes, between the translator and the malicious game of intertwined tonalities. Wit, play and elegance, cultured without pretention, funny, surprising: these qualities are shared by Bill Bryson and Hélène Hinfray…. You must read this history of the world, this curious voyage, this voyage of a curious man around his room … to realize that we do not really know how to look at or interrogate the things that surround us.”