Travis Franks

Australian Project Support, 2017

This year’s award went to Travis Franks of Arizona State University for his dissertation comparing narratives of settler colonialism and literature in two Texas-es:  the town of Texas, in Queensland Australia, and the US state of Texas. His research will explore the use of literary and musical tradition to imagine a collective identity tied to a specific place and defined against Indigenous populations. Travis will also conduct ethnographic fieldwork on settlement history with colleagues in Queensland as well as with his research partner at the Texas Heritage Museum. Supplementary funds from the Roth Endowment will help support his presentation at the international conference of the National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network on “Race, Whiteness and Indigeneity,” featuring major scholars from the U.S. and Australia. Travis hopes that his research into the transnational links between settler nativism and anti-immigrant nativism will contribute to social justice on behalf of Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee populations.