Sandra Kaiser

Lois Roth Award, 2003

In recognition of her work as a gifted Public Affairs Officer in Athens.

Georgia Hubert

Lois Roth Award, 2002

In recognition of her excellence in carrying out the merging of the US Information Service into the State Department her USIA‐State merger and training State officers to take over the simple grant‐making activities formerly carried out by USIA.

Marjorie Ransom

Lois Roth Award, 2001

In recognition of the contributions as a Foreign Service Officer of one of the Award’s original designers, who first met Lois in 1967 in Tehran.

Adrienne O’Neal

Lois Roth Award, 2000

In recognition of her service in Rio de Janiero.

Mary Lou Edmondson

Lois Roth Award, 1999

In recognition of her work as a mainstay in the New York press center of the US Information Agency

Mary Carlin Yates

Lois Roth Award, 1997

The award citation reads: For outstanding creativity, initiative and sensitivity in directing and managing USIS programs in Zaire from 1993 to 1995.  Her achievement in reaching out to newly-formed political groups and the Zairian intellectual community restored the U.S. as a leading force for justice and will form the basis of American-Zairian relations in coming decades. Her dynamism, sensitivity and integrity fully reflect the legacy of Lois Roth.  

In her letter of thanks she wrote, “Every year, when I read the criteria for the Lois Award, I recommit myself to trying to live up to her high standard.”  Mary Carlin Yates went on to be come U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Burundi from 1999 until June 2002, and as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana from November 2002 to 2005.

Arlene Jaquette

Lois Roth Award, 1996

In recognition of her work as a Public Affairs Officer in Addis Ababa

Harriet Elam

In recognition of her work while Cultural Attache in Athens (1983-1987) and for her mentorship of younger officers.