Abigail Sebaly

Australian Project Support, 2009

Project on dance forms and dance education. Sebaly, a Merce Cunnigham dancer and graduate of the University of Michigan, is now at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, continuing her research into methods of curating contemporary dance.

Amos Jones

Australian Project Support, 2007

Project on the Australian experience of constitutionalism and its US links, conducted at Melbourne University’s School of Law. Jones is a Columbia University and Harvard Law School graduate.

Mytoan Nguyen

Australian Project Support, 2003

Project on immigration policy and Vietnamese refugee communities in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. At the time, Nguyen was at UC Berkeley.

Nili Kaplan‐Myrth

Australian Project Support, 2002

Project on the prevention of blindness in aboriginal communities. At the time, Kaplan-Myrth was at Yale University.

Sabra Thorner

Australian Project Support, 2002

Project on the social impact of Australia’s Aboriginal Cultural Centers. At the time, Thorner was at Georgetown University.

Kenneth Shockley

Australian Project Support, 2001

Project on the obligations which group membership implies in different societies. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, at the time Schockley was studying philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis.

Andrew Zawacki

Australian Project Support, 2000

Project on the impact of negative theology on contemporary Australian poetry, conducted by poet-critic Zawacki.

Edward Woodfin

Australian Project Support, 2000

Project on Australia in WWI, part of a social history of the common soldier in the British Empire. At the time, Woodfin was at Texas A&M.

Jason Pierce

Australian Project Support, 2000

Project on Australia’s High Court, as Australian political and judiciary elements re‐evaluate the judicial system. At the time, Pierce was at the University of Texas.

Kelly Amis

Australian Project Support, 1998

Project on educational excellence and diversity in Australia. At the time, Amis was at Stanford University.