Nigel de Juan Hatton

Danish Project Support, 2010

Project on the philosophical dimensions of creative freedom that two African‐American artists found in Scandinavia. His research on William H. Johnson and Cecil Brown will support two chapters of his planned book, tentatively entitled Scandinavian Landscapes, African‐American Escapes: Black Artists and Freedom in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. At the time, Hatton was at Stanford University.

Thea Augustina Eck

Danish Project Support, 2009

Mixed‐media arts project on the collision between Danish, Greenlandic and Arctic cultures in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Heidi Durrow

Danish Project Support, 2008

Archival research and interviews for a collection of short stories about early 19th‐century interracial relations between Danes, black Africans and African‐Americans. While in Denmark, she read from her work at the Tell-Tale Café in Copenhagen. Durrow’s research evolved into a novel, entitled The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (2010), which won the Bellweather Prize for Fiction and became a New York Times Bestseller, an LA Times Bestseller and an Indie Next Pick. See:

Mille Guldbeck

Danish Project Support, 2007

Project: to create 40 landscape‐inspired diptychs inspired by the desolate landscapes of the island of Møn. While in Denmark, painter Guldbeck exhibited her work in a group show with some of Denmark’s contemporary artists; in 2007-08, the show traveled to her home campus of Bowling Green State University.

Thor Mednick

Danish Project Support, 2006

Project on nationalism in Danish art around the turn of the last century. While in Denmark, Mednick also taught at the University of Copenhagen and presented a paper in Stockholm.

Bethany Usher

Danish Project Support, 2005

Project on how the cemetery of Tirup conveys information about medieval social organization. At the time, anthropologist Usher was at SUNY Potsdam.

Neil Christian Pages

Danish Project Support, 2004

Project on memorialization in contemporary culture, focusing on a study of Copenhagen’s Isted Lion. At the time, Pages was in the German Department at SUNY Binghamton.

Nicole Ives

Danish Project Support, 2004

Project on the integration of Bosnian refugees into Danish society. At the time, Ives was a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.

Rick Furtak

Danish Project Support, 2003

Project on the stoicism of Kierkegaard, in preparation for a book entitled Truth, Love and Falsity: A Kierkegaardian Response to Stoicism. At the time, Furtak was at the University of Chicago.

Elio Brancaforte

Danish Project Support, 2002

Project on maps of the Baroque period held in Danish libraries and archives