Claudia Berguson

Norwegian Project Support, 2003

Project on the narrative authority of the author Sigrid Undset. At the time, Berguson was at the University of Washington.

Baron Kelly

Norwegian Project Support, 2002

Project on the thirty-year Scandinavian career of Earle Hyman, distinguished black American actor who learned Norwegian, Swedish and Danish and performed the classical repertory, from Ibsen to Strindberg and Shakespeare to O’Neill, before his American career began. At the time, Kelly was in the Theater Department at the University of Wisconsin.

Douglas Geers

Norwegian Project Support, 2001

Project consisting in the composition of a large-scale, multi‐media piece for live musicians, computer music and computer-assisted puppetry. At Norway’s Technology, Acoustics and Music center (NOTAM) Geers, at the time at Columbia University, created a production of Gilgamesh.

Sandra Rasmussen

Norwegian Project Support, 2000

Project on gender and family in the Norwegian land reform process. At the time, Rasmussen was at the University of Washington.

Sara A. Peterson

Norwegian Project Support, 1998

Project on the influence of Norwegian health and social policies on adolescent reproductive health. At the time, Peterson was in Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Ellen Berg

Norwegian Project Support, 1997

Project on Norwegian migration to the US, which was second in numbers only to the Irish

Nels Kloster

Norwegian Project Support, 1996

Project on the role of science in formulating regulatory policy regarding public health questions, for example, on electromagnetic fields as a possible cause of cancer

Ellen Rebecca Rees

Norwegian Project Support, 1993

Project on the Norwegian author Cora Sandel