Sarah Salman

New Zealand Project Support, 2009

PhD research on the responses of American immigrant communities to 9/11, towards a doctorate at City University of New York

Bethany Edmunds

New Zealand Project Support, 2008

Studies in Visual Culture at New York University, focusing on costume studies and textile conversation, culminating in a Master’s degree. After her return to Auckland in 2010, she developed an exhibition of works drawing on her US experience and toured the North Island to visit weavers and their communities.

Ben Steele

New Zealand Project Support, 2007

Studies on indigenous rights and treaty issues, leading to a Master’s degree in anthropology at Columbia University. Steele then became Second Secretary in New Zealand’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Georgina White

New Zealand Project Support, 2007

Studies on traditional New Zealand woven cloaks at New York University, culminating in a Master’s degree in Museum Studies focusing on cultural heritage. After earning her MA, White returned to New Zealand to work as an Exhibition Developer at the Auckland Museum.

Hannah Gerrard

New Zealand Project Support, 2006

Studies in rhetoric, composition, literary theory and pedagogy at the University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Menzies

New Zealand Project Support, 2006

Studies in cultural studies and interdisciplinary theory at the University of Chicago