Hannah Duncan

Finnish Project Support, 2017


Hannah Duncan, of Brown University, received support to attend a master’s programin education and social justice at the University of Helsinki. She hopes that learning from Finland’s equity-based approach to early childhood education will prepare her to advocate for more effective multicultural education policies after completing law school in the U.S. Funds from the Roth Endowment helped Hannah organize a conference on racism, nationalism and xenophobia in Europe in cooperation with a Fulbright-Schuman grantee based in Brussels, who contributed governmental and private-sector perspectives on refugees in the labor market. In this photo, Duncan (left) is at an event she organized, with Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin (center), of the Anti-Racist Forum Finland, and Dr. Marcia Chatelain (right).


Natalia Magnani

Finnish Project Support, 2017

The second grant was awarded to Natalia Magnani who is conducting independent research on the revitalization of Skolt Sami culture through the revival of plant-based skills and knowledge. She is engaging with both young, urban indigenous populations, as well as more traditional groups to rediscover and share traditional identities and customs. Our project support grant made it possible for Natalia to travel between Lapland and Helsinki in order to investigate the role of Sami women in the ongoing political debate about Sami cultural and political autonomy.

Rebekah Zimmerer

Finnish Project Support, Honorable Mention, 2017

Rebekah Zimmerer, of University of Massachusetts, Amherst, received an honorable mention in support of her comparison of private landowners’ forestry practices in Finland and the U.S. Support from the Roth Endowment has enabled Rebekah to extend her stay in Finland and helped her explore, more specifically, the role of gender in forestry practices.

Heidi Katz

Heidi Katz FINLAND 2016 Headshot

Finnish Project Support, 2016   

Heidi Katz received support for a Masters degree in Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems from the University of Turku in southwestern Finland. She is used this opportunity to research school support of student autonomy and to compare teaching methods in Finland, Spain and Cameroon. Heidi hoped to apply the educational practices she learned in Finland as a teacher in an inner-city school, specifically working with underprivileged and special needs children in the United States.

Stephanie Jazmines

Stephanie Jazmines FINLAND 2016 Headshot 2

Finnish Project Support, 2016

Stephanie Jazmines of Yale University used her time in Finland to observe and learn first-hand Scandinavian design and craft through the Alvar Aalto Wood Program. Our project support enabled her to visit historic wooden structures around Finland after completing these studies. After her Fulbright Fellowship, Stephanie planned on further honing her wood-oriented architectural skills and eventually applying them through philanthropic organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Taylor Tyger

Finnish Project Support, 2015

Taylor Tyger (Georgia Institute of Technology) conducted research on the health benefits of urban aquatic environments. She was based at the Finnish Environment Institute, at Aalto University, and worked as part of an ongoing national project focusing on “Environmental Justice and Ecosystem Services” in the Helsinki region. She presented her findings on the little-studied “blue infrastructure” of lakes, oceans and rivers in a report on Waterfront Uses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Her Roth-Thomson Award allowed her to present this work at conferences in Belgium and Denmark in May 2015.

Michael Brown

Finnish Project Support, 2015

Based at the Arctic Center in Rovaniemi, Michael Brown (University of Washington) sought to evaluate Finland’s new arctic policy in order to construct a comparative assessment of Finnish and US approaches to environmental issues in the arctic. This project is timely, as the U.S. is currently chairing the Arctic Council (2015-17), after which Finland will take up the reins. Brown’s Roth-Thomson Award allowed him to join the University of the Arctic’s Calotte Academy, a travelling symposium that in 2015 met at research centers in Finland, Norway and Russia.

Christin Boggs

Christin BoggsFinnish Project Support, 2014

Christin Boggs (Rochester Institute of Technology) was in Finland to document traditional and urban food practices in Finnish gastronomic culture. With her Roth-Thomson award, she produced an exhibit entitled “Viljellä, a photographic exploration of Helsinki garden, farm and foraging practices.”

Karli Storm

Finnish Project Support, 2014

Karli Storm  at Tbilisi Conference June 2014Karli Storm (Indiana University Bloomington) was in Finland undertaking doctoral research in a unique new program on “Russia in Europe” at the University of Eastern Finland. Her Roth-Thomson award allowed her to present her research on national language policies and political stability at international conferences in Finland and Russia.

Lindsay Whorton

Finnish Project Support, 2013

Project on how teachers’ unions participate in and impact the education policy‐making process in Finland. Whorton focused on the involvement of teachers’ unions in reforming compensation packages, in part as the role of labor relations in K‐12 education reform is an area of growing controversy in the U.S. Her Roth‐Thomson Award helped fund the translation into English of documents bearing upon relationships between policy‐makers and teachers’ unions in Finland.