Sophie Knowles

Finnish Project Support, 2013

Project on the elements of Finnish culture and education contributing to high rates of student success in mathematics. As a mathematics teacher in Brooklyn, Knowles is acutely aware of the obstacles her students face, including: a social disconnect from school in general, and mathematics in particular; lack of self confidence, nutrition and exercise; low levels of literacy; and a series of responsibilities outside of school that make academic achievement difficult. Her Roth-Thomson Award helped Knowles complete her research on Finnish institutional policies, governmental and non‐profit mathematics programs.

Philip Robinson

Finnish Project Support, 2012

Project on architectural means to improve concert hall design, conducted at Aalto University. Robinson’s Roth Ednowment award enabled him to travel to undertake research into the acoustical properties of historic Finnish churches. He is at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Amanda Tasse

Finnish Project Support, 2012

Project in neuro‐cinematics, the study of perceptual processes in response to cinema. Tasse’s Roth Endowment award enabled her to travel to the University of Lapland and the Midnight Sun Film Festival for her research. She is at the University of Southern California.

Lauren Holmes

Finnish Project Support, 2011

Project on the government infrastructure that has supported the export of Finnish music since World War II. While in Finland, Holmes conducted interviews with leading Finnish composers and musical organizations for her doctoral work on Music and the Nation‐ State: Finnish Music from Nationalism to Post‐nationalism at Yale University.

Christian Benefiel

Finnish Project Support, 2011

Project on sustainable practices for artists at foundries. With an MFA in sculpture from the University of Maryland at College Park, where a large-scale foundry enabled him to develop expertise in metal-casting processes, Benefiel developed the world’s first foundry powered by methane gas from a landfill in North Carolina. He notes that “toxic and dangerous processes remain common for artists.” While teaching at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Benefiel also built a small sustainable foundry there.

Julia Stein

Finnish Project Support, 2010

Multi‐media performance project on exploring the boundaries between the psychological and physical worlds. While in Finland, Stein developed several performance events related to this project, either alone or in collaboration with others.

Alicia Viani

Finnish Project Support, 2010

Project on mental health aspects of the sexuality of adolescent girls. Viani’s research resulted in an unanticipated development, as her qualitative interview techniques increased the participants’ self-awareness and confidence.

Mark McKnight

Finnish Project Support, 2009

Photographic project on Finland’s bee populations and honey farmers

Deborah Turner

Finnish Project Support, 2009

Project on orally‐based information practices in Finnish information institutions. Turner holds a PhD from the University of Washington.

Carrie Schneider

Finnish Project Support, 2008

Photographic project entitled “Hot vs Cold: Embodying the Finnish Landscape.” At the time, Schneider was at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her project “Elaborate Flirtations” was exhibited at Helsinki’s Galleria FAFA and reviewed by Scandinavia’s largest daily paper. While in Helsinki, Schneider presented a gallery talk and two screenings and produced a catalog featuring an interview with Helsinki artist  Salla Tykkä. A solo exhibit was scheduled for January 2009 at the Finnish Museum of Tykkä and Museum of Photography.