Yuni Kim

Finnish Project Support, 2003

Project on Swedish dialects in Finland, which is spoken by 6% of the population. At the time, Kim was at Harvard university.

Joshua Metzger

Finnish Project Support, 2003

Project on Finland’s role in multilateral diplomacy. At the time, Metzger was at Southern Cal.

Tomas Matza

Finnish Project Support, 2002

Project on the challenge to Finnish national identity posed by globalization. At the time, Matza, a recent Princeton University graduate, was developing a career as a journalist.

Maile Chapman

Finnish Project Support, 2002

Project: a historically‐based novel weaving threads from medicine and public heath, institutional architecture and women’s healthcare. At the time, Chapman was at Syracuse University.


Finnish Project Support, 2001

Project exploring how Finland’s national epic, The Kalevala, was assembled over time

Denise Wall

Finnish Project Support, 2000

Project comparing Finnish curricula for public health nurses to US practices

Joan Kluwe

Finnish Project Support, 2000

Project on subsistence and non‐subsistence uses of wilderness areas, conducted at Finland’s Forestry Institute. At the time, Kluwe was at the University of Idaho.

Nicholas Hill

Finnish Project Support, 1998

Project on the sociological history of the Finnish army from 1918 to 1926