Melanie Aronson

Swedish Project Support, 2015

melanie_aronsonAronson went to Sweden to create a social documentary film about Syrian refugees. By the time she applied for our support in fall 2014, Sweden had become the largest host country of Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian refugees outside of the Middle East and the only country to promise permanent residency to all Syrians seeking asylum. A 2007 graduate from Barnard, Lois Roth’s alma mater, Aronson’s Dreamland Sverige explores the subjective experience of migrating to Sweden, by exploring how the preconceptions of asylum seekers compare to their actual experiences as refugees. Her award helped her fund travel to different refugee communities within Sweden.

Jeffrey Ziegler

Swedish Project Support, 2014

Jeff_Ziegler-e1417999440882-300x277Political scientist Jeffrey Ziegler (University of Wisconsin-Madison), in Sweden to study electoral and party finance reform, was based at Umea University; he used his award to travel to Stockholm to interview civil servants, collect documents and attend conferences.

Evelyn Ansel

Swedish Project Support, 2014

Ansel Head ShotEvelyn Ansel spent her Fulbright year at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, where she brought her unique skills in museum studies, art conservation and boatbuilding to their collection of 17th-century shipbuilding tools. Her Roth Endowment award allowed her to travel to, photograph and blog about shipyards, mills and metal shops elsewhere in Europe.

Daniel Chavez

Swedish Project Support, 2013

With Roth Endowment project support, Daniel Chavez undertook a holistic study of lighting incorporating the perspectives of architecture, urban planning, public health and interior design. His research culminated in a series of design projects and presentations. Historically, architects and electrical engineers have treated lighting as a secondary consideration. In recent years, however, a dozen lighting design programs have been founded, internationally, to develop lighting designers’ visual literacy and practical knowledge of lighting fixtures and designs. As a relatively new and growing field, it offers opportunities for fascinating cross‐cultural comparison and study—an opportunity that Chavez takes full advantage of.

Anne Mathieson

Swedish Project Support, 2013

While working on prostitution issues with other activists in the U.S., Anne Mathieson learned of an anti‐prostitution policy being pioneered in Sweden, which modeled new international standards by: a) decriminalizing the activities of individuals selling sexual services, and b) criminalizing the activities of those purchasing sexual services or living off the earnings of prostituted persons. Studies show that the Swedish model has successfully reduced the number of individuals prostituted and trafficked in Sweden, as well as the number of buyers of sexual services. Her Roth‐Thompson awaedenabling Mathieson to put her research in Sweden into an international perspective, to determine if and how core elements of this model could be successfully introduced to the U.S.

Elisa Maria Lopez

Swedish Project Support, 2012

Project on the sociocultural impacts of renewable energy development among the Sami people, for a dissertation in anthropology at Columbia University.

Michelle Urberg

Swedish Project Support, 2012

Project entitled “Hystorie in Medieval Sweden: Musical Devotion, Nationalism and Brigittine Monasticism,” for a dissertation in musicology at the University of Chicago.

Andrew Bearnot

Swedish Project Support, 2011

Project on glass art and manufacture in early 20th-century Sweden, conducted first at Linnaeus University and then at the Swedish Glass Research Institute in in Växjö. Bearnot holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and and BS from Brown University in materials engineering. His Roth Endowment award allowed him to visit glassworks in Germany and the Ambiente-Frankfurt trade show, attended by glass producers from around the world.

Anna Hersey

Swedish Project Support, 2011

Project on the Swedish art song repertoire and Swedish diction, conducted at the Swedish Royal College of Music. Her Roth Endowment award allowed Hersey to travel from Sweden to Chicago to present her findings at the annual conference of the American Choral Directors’ Association. Since her return, she has developed a conductor’s guide to promote knowledge about Swedish song and diction. See

Erika Larsen

Swedish Project Support, 2010

Photography project on the social world of hunting and reindeer herding among the Sámi people of northern Scandinavia. While she was in Sweden, work from this series in the magazine D2, in an exhibit of experimental media in Moscow and at the Etnografiska Museet in Stockholm; these were followed by a solo exhibit in Korea at the Seoul Center of Visual Art BODA. The project culminated in an impressive November 2011 photo essay in National Geographic. See: