Erika Larsen

Swedish Project Support, 2010

Photography project on the social world of hunting and reindeer herding among the Sámi people of northern Scandinavia. While she was in Sweden, work from this series in the magazine D2, in an exhibit of experimental media in Moscow and at the Etnografiska Museet in Stockholm; these were followed by a solo exhibit in Korea at the Seoul Center of Visual Art BODA. The project culminated in an impressive November 2011 photo essay in National Geographic. See:

Emma Abby

Swedish Project Support, 2009

Project on environmental studies and sustainability science at Lund University

Jean Kjellstrand

Swedish Project Support, 2008

Project on Child Resilience: Pathways to Health in Sweden and the U.S.

Garrett Bucks

Swedish Project Support, 2006

Project on the “Swedish Model” of international development and approach to poverty in a globalized world. His Roth Endowment award allowed Bucks to travel to Tanzania to observe Swedish projects there.

Kjersti Knox

Swedish Project Support, 2006

Project on traditional Sami medicine and its interaction with the Swedish public health system. Her Roth Endowment award extended Knox’s ability to conduct interviews with traditional Sami healers and community leaders.

Elise Carlson

Swedish Project Support, 2005

Project on the experience of Kurdish women in Sweden.

Jeffrey Green

Swedish Project Support, 2005

Project on the philosophical paradox of useful ignorance

Mara Fridell

Swedish Project Support, 2003

Project on the interplay of immigration, politics and state capacity. At the time, Fridell was at the University of Oregon.

Julianne Ohlander

Swedish Project Support, 2003

Project re-assessing myths about suicide in Sweden.

Anna Rudberg

Swedish Project Support, 2002

Project on the response of theology and religion to recent social change. At the time, geographer Rudberg was at Dartmouth College.