Nominations Process

In early spring, the ECA internally circulates details regarding nominations for these three prizes. Outstanding individuals are to be nominated by their supervisors. Nominations must include:
(a) Name and title of nominee;
(b) Name, title and email address of nominating supervisor;
(c) Work location of the nominee;
(d) Brief description of the role of the nominee at the overseas post or domestic ECA office;
(e) Narrative (not to exceed three pages) describing the achievement(s) of the nominee and justifying the nomination.

Nominations should focus on specific long‐term projects or accomplishments. In exceptional circumstances, nominations for career‐long service may also be considered. Submissions may include web links demonstrating the breadth or effectiveness of the nominee’s work, and be accompanied by a reasonable amount of pertinent materials (e.g., photographs, videos, etc.) supporting the justification. The winners will be selected by a committee made up of ECA, LRE and Public Diplomacy Regional Bureau representatives. Awards are presented at the annual ECA awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

Please see About These Awards for more information.