The Henry and Judith Millon Award


National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

The Henry and Judith Millon Award helps support the residency of a foreign architectural historian at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA), part of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The award is named after Henry Millon—Roth Endowment founding Roth Endowment Board member and CASVA founder‐director—and his wife, Judy.

Recipients of the award have access to the Italian Architectural Drawings Photograph Collection (IADPC), which was assembled, under Millon’s direction, for the National Gallery of Art Library’s department of image collections. This collection of approximately 45,000 photographs and 350 manuscripts (on microfilm) documents drawings of Italian architecture made before 1800 held in repositories around the world. The artists and draftsmen who produced these drawings were not exclusively Italian, but came from throughout Europe. The architectural drawings fall into various categories, such as: working, project and presentation drawings; views, panoramas, travel sketches,treatises, architectural details and architectural ornament. Also included are drawings from related fields in which the influence of architecture was pronounced and the designers were frequently architects; examples include shipbuilding, carriage and furniture design, and gold and silverware.

This year’s recipient of the Millon Architectural History Grant is Mauro Mussolin, Professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and New York University Florence. His research project at CASVA is entitled Michelangelo and Paper as Palimpsest. In the book he plans, Mussolin seeks to investigate both the sources of Michelangelo’s graphic work, and the lifecycle and uses of paper in the studios of Italian Renaissance artists. Arguing that Michelangelo’s use of paper was indissolubly linked to the genesis of his ideas, he has used ultra-violet light and digital photography to reveal previously unknown sketches executed in stylus, which are invisible in conventional reproductions.

For a complete list of Millon Award winners, please consult the List of Honorees.