Finland: Roth‐Thomson Awards to Supplement a Fulbright Grant

A generous gift from Ann O. Thomson provides supplementary project support for American Fulbrighters in Finland every year. The selection committee, impressed by the caliber of applicants, awarded three, rather than the usual two Roth-Thomson Awards this year, in cooperation with the The Fulbright Center in Helsinki.

Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin, of the Anti-Racist Forum Finland (middle), and Dr. Marcia Chatelain (right), at an event organized by Hannah Duncan (left).

Hannah Duncan, of Brown University, received support to attend a master’s program in education and social justice at the University of Helsinki. She hopes that learning from Finland’s equity-based approach to early childhood education will prepare her to advocate for more effective multicultural education policies after completing law school in the U.S. Funds from the Roth Endowment helped Hannah organize a conference on racism, nationalism and xenophobia in Europe in cooperation with a Fulbright-Schuman grantee based in Brussels, who contributed governmental and private-sector perspectives on refugees in the labor market.

Natalia Magnani conducting fieldwork.

The second grant was awarded to Natalia Magnani who is conducting independent research on the revitalization of Skolt Sami culture through the revival of plant-based skills and knowledge. She is engaging with both young, urban indigenous populations, as well as more traditional groups to rediscover and share traditional identities and customs. Our project support grant made it possible for Natalia to travel between Lapland and Helsinki in order to investigate the role of Sami women in the ongoing political debate about Sami cultural and political autonomy.

An honorable mention award went to Rebekah Zimmerer, of University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in support of her comparison of private landowners’ forestry practices in Finland and the U.S. Support from the Roth Endowment has enabled Rebekah to extend her stay in Finland and helped her explore more specifically the role of gender in forestry practices.

For a complete list of recipients of the Roth‐Thomson Award for work in Finland, please consult Finnish Project Alumni.