New Zealand: Winks Award to Supplement a Fulbright Grant

The Robin and Avril Winks Award honors the memory of Robin Winks, Roth Endowment founding Board member and Yale University history professor, and his New Zealander wife, Avril. Project support goes to a Fulbright scholar from New Zealand who is planning on pursuing graduate study in the United States.

This year’s Winks Award went to Patricia Tupou, who is pursuing a Master’s degree in Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. As a member of the Tongan community, Patricia is interested in how Indigenous narratives about the environment shape discourse about climate change and influence resource management and sovereignty movements. She believes that including indigenous perspectives in the global conversation about climate change will help facilitate the implementation of meaningful political action. Funds from the Roth Endowment will help Patricia travel between the eight islands that make up Hawai’i, allowing her to conduct field research with a diverse range of Indigenous communities and better understand broader regional narratives about the environment. Her future plans include entering politics as an advocate for the Pacific diaspora community in New Zealand and as a proponent for more effective climate change policies.

For a complete list of recipients of the Robin and Avril Winks Award, please consult New Zealand Project Alumni.