Norway: Project Support to Supplement a Fulbright Award

The Roth Endowment granted awards to two American Fulbrighters in Norway this year.

Solveig Mebust, of the University of Michigan, is conducting doctoral research on the role of women in music activism during the nineteenth century, an important topic, as female contributions to the production of music are often overlooked. One of the main subjects of Solveig’s research is Nina Hagerup Grieg, the wife of composer Edvard Grieg and a talented musician in her own right. Our project support is currently helping Solveig expand her research to include Gjendine Slaalien, a diary maid who inspired Edvard Grieg with traditional folk songs that he transcribed and used in his own compositions, and will also enable Solveig to conduct additional research on Nina Hagerup Grieg’s role as a mentor and advocate for young women musicians.

An honorable mention award went to Saint Olaf College’s Nora Uhrich for her timely research on the treatment of female  refugees in Norway who have experienced sexual trauma and the role of cultural  differences in how their cases are handled. She hopes to raise awareness about this vulnerable population and use her research to inform and influence legislators who work on refugee policies. Our project support is helping Nora travel to remote asylum reception centers in Norway where she will conduct interviews with residents and employees. Additionally, it will facilitate visits to psychological clinics that specialize in the treatment of asylum seekers and enable her to hire translators for her interviews with refugee women.

For a complete list of recipients of project support for work in Norway, please consult Norwegian Project Alumni.