Sozopol Fiction Seminar

Partnering with the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation (EKF), the Roth Endowment helps support the Sozopol Fiction Seminar, held in the historic town of Sozopol on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. This annual seminar offers opportunities for intensive exchange between Bulgarian and English-language fiction writers, under the guidance of established authors in an atmosphere of close and collegial collaboration. Workshops and one-on-one consultations involving faculty and fellows are punctuated by talks and panels conducted by visiting speakers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual seminar held was replaced by a virtual “Alone Together” program, much of which was posted on Roth Endowment social media. Sozopol Seminar faculty and fellows on 5 continents were invited to look through the windows of their studies, literally and metaphorically, and share their literary imagination from the confines of their homes during the coronavirus outbreak. The works can be read on the EKF Website.

Views that the Alone Together participants shared from their homes during the outbreak.

For a complete list of past Sozopol Fiction Seminar fellows, please consult the List of Fellows. Learn more about the Sozopol Fiction Seminars through the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for Creative Writing.