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Kaja Gjelde-Bennett

Norwegian Project Support, 2019

Kaja Gjelde-Bennett, of Pacific Lutheran University, is studying language rights and revitalization of theSami, the Indigenous peoples of Northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Her Roth Endowment award will allow her to travel to South Sami institutions in Norway and Sweden in order to gain access to their unique archives and conduct interviews with Sami language educators, community leaders, and politicians. Upon her return to the U.S., Kaja hopes to pursue a PhD in Indigenous Studies or Sociolinguistics in order to advance indigenous language revitalization.

Kristen Gleason

Norwegian Project Support, 2019

Kristen Gleason, of the University of Georgia, is conducting research in the contemporary Norwegian Arctic in order to advance her work in environmental theory and aesthetics as well as to aid in the writing of her novel, set in the near-future Arctic. Her Roth Endowment award will allow her to travel to several Northern arts and literature festivals throughout Norway in order to expand her research and connect with Northern artists and writers. Upon her return to the U.S., Kristen plans to teach creative writing in a university setting while continuing to work on her novel.

Sophia Angelis

Norwegian Project Support, 2018

Sophia Angelis, of Harvard University, conducted comparative research on the role played by Norway’s prison  architecture in creating humane environments that encourage rehabilitation. With her Roth Endowment award, she created an exhibition that illustrates alternatives to US prisons and supports discussion and research on the administration of justice in the United States.